Ateco Tank Guarantees Advanced Technology With Experience

Ateco Tank is a company that manufacturers special safety equipment, protective or environmental protection equipment for oil and chemical storage tanks, especially for oil and refinery companies.

Special Trademark Design

Our special trademark is our patented design. This guarantees optimum space utilization, cost-effective transports and the best integration into existing plants or infrastructure. As we have developed and manufactured complex stacking warehouses and logistic battery storage facilities over the past few years, and these systems are also of great interest to the chemical industry, we are increasingly receiving corresponding requests. We, the company Ateco Tank have for many years gained experience in the design and construction of modular tank systems up to large containers. Through our worldwide experience, we have for almost every customer the right variant in our program.

Ateco Tank with its industrial tanks often uses floating roofs when storing oil products, thereby reducing and minimizing product loss through evaporation. There are some main types of floating roofs, and each one is based on different circumstances and the desired.

Even today’s requirements, the floating roof technology is always the first choice when storing and handling large quantities of volatile, combustible, polluting and toxic liquids.

The essential prerequisite of our company is that the tanks are equipped with a solid floating cover and the appropriate sealing elements on the outer edge and on the roof ducts.

Internal Floating Roof That Fits The Standards

Internal Floating Roof is tailor made to fit the appropriate tank in accordance with a quality standard, to greatly meet the safe storage requirement of oil products, hazardous chemicals and fluids for the petrol and petrochemical industry. 

Customized and fully pre-fabricated for every application, our Internal Floating Roof is the model for cost effective, efficient and durable Internal Floating Roofing.