Primary Seal – Scissor Type

ATS-MS2 Mechanical Seal – This spring type mechanical shoe seal has an economic and simple design. It is easy to install without hot work, such as welding, and gives good performance for sealing. The shoes are held in permanent contact with the tank shell and extend into the product by hanger arms. The material of pusher spring is high tensile stainless spring steel and springs push the shoe at two positions, upper and lower. The vapor membrane covers the vapor space between the shoe and the room fro the atmosphere

Primary Seal – Light Weight Type

Primary Seal – Light Weight Type

Key Benefits

  • Designed to be installed as a bolted-in-place seal system. No welding or hang-in-place in the rim plate is required.
  • The shoe seal can be installed while the tank remains in service. No need for hot work.
  • The design uses THREE-HANGER per shoe system. This eliminates gap problems which is common on seal systems with multiple hangers per shoe.
  • Custom shoes from 16" to 48" wide based on the rim height. Emissions are regulated by shoe extension below the liquid.
  • The MSS-P-SCR1 mini shoe is adaptable to aluminum and steel internal-floating roofs. The mini shoes are designed to fit on pan-floating roofs with 15" or less of rim space. Custom shoe widths from 16" to 24" to meet the weight requirements of shallow steel roofs.
  • Tensioners are applied to the top and bottom of the shoe. This keeps the entire width of the shoe in contact with the tank shell. This is important with wax scraper designs.
  • The hanger maintains a constant shoe elevation. This eliminates gaps caused by uneven elevation in various rim-space widths.
  • Expansion joints at each shoe provide superior seal gap control during expansion and contraction while roof is in motion.
  • The MSS-P-SCR1 primary shoe seal is designed for flexibility in installation with egg-shaped tanks.

Design Features

ATECO Tank Engineering primary shoe seal has been designed with a long lasting tensioning and hanger system to maintain seal compliance throughout the seal life. Design criteria:

  • The MSS-P-SCR1 forms a tight fitting seal between the floating roof and tank shell wall the seal meets the radial variations of ± 5 inches.
  • The design eliminates shoe top roll back and gaping.
  • The primary seal operates independently and without interfering with the secondary seal.
  • The seal has been designed to accommodate roof movement, shell defects, con traction, and expansion.


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