Floating Roof Seal

Floating Roof Seal for Storage Tanks ; ATECO is an international manufacturer and installer of various types of floating roof seals and oil skimmers, as well as swing and swivel joints. We offer our floating roof seal for storage tanks at a competitive price and work with our customers to make sure all of their specific needs are met. We understand that not everyone needs the same floating roof tank seals. That’s why the professionals at ATECO offer a variety of services and capabilities for our customers.

External Floating Roof Seals

External floating roof seals are designed to prevent product loss and atmospheric contamination in the form of air shields from above ground storage tanks. Seal systems are designed to meet environmental regulations and ensure efficient operation in specific warehouse conditions. Seal systems can be installed with the tank in service. Installation is easy and no special tools are needed.

API test programs; shows that the API can contain a significant proportion of the total emission losses for evaporation and emission loss in tanks without insulation seals. A well-designed and maintained peripheral mechanical floating roof seal is able to keep the tank in harmony at all times. Wind factors can increase VOC emissions, especially if they are not properly sealed between roof components.

Seal systems are engineered and tested to meet EPA-AST Environmental compliance requirements. Seals are used in different types and combinations suitable for pontoons and in double-decked external floating roof tanks and pan terrace roofs or in fixed roof tanks with aluminum support.

External Floating roof tank seals are normally divided into 2 different categories:

Main Seals

  • Foam Seals
  • Pantograph Type Primary Mechanical Horseshoe Seal
  • Scissor Type Primary Mechanical Horseshoe Seal

Secondary seal

  • Wiper Seal
  • Stainless Steel and Body Galvanized Steel Seals
  1. Seals are chosen according to the details of the product or customer needs.
  2. It is easy to install and does not require special equipment.
  3. The seals are designed for each API 650 additional H.
  4. Minimizes steam loss.
  5. Protects the environment from toxic gases.
Secondary Seal Y Wiper Type

External Floating Roof Seals

Wiper Seal Single Type

Internal Floating Roof Seals