Ateco tank catalog
Floating Roofs Floating roof tanks cost more to construct than fixed roof tanks for the same storage capacity. The floating roofs can be either external (i.e., with open top tanks) or internal (i.e., inside fixed roof tanks). Tanks with external floating roofs are used primarily to contain liquids with high vapor pressures, when the vapor emissions from fixed roof tanks would exceed the standards  set  by  the  local jurisdiction.  They  are generally preferred to tanks
Floating Roof
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Erp Roof Positioner Bazooka Bumber
In areas of high wind or where the tank contents are turbulent while filling, floating roofs tend to move off-center. This tendency can be countered by adding roof positioners attached at intervals to the periphery. See Figure Features and Benefits of ATECO ROOF POSITIONER BUMPERS The bumper is manufactured of expanded polyurethane resin. The special microcellular structure consists of open and closed cells.  This enables the buffers to provide high performance with excellent elasticity and energy absorption. This proprietary,
Floating Roof
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