Gauge Pole Cover

Gauge Pole Cover

ATECO “AK-Guard” Environmental Gauge Pole Socks are designed to inhibit hydrocarbon vapors from escaping from Aboveground Storage Tank Slotted Gauge Poles/Guidepoles. ATECO’s socks seal in vapors that would otherwise leak from the inside of the tank through the slots in the pole and into the outside air. ATECO Gauge Pole Cover is an approved product for the Storage Tank Emission Reduction Partnership Program (STERPP).

ATECO’s Vapor Guard is a “green” product, designed to reduce emissions and protect our environment from atmospheric contamination.

In April of 2000, the EPA published its acceptable technologies for the control of emissions from gauge pole socks: Slotted Guidepoles at Certain Petroleum and Organic Liquid Storage Vessels (Federal Register 65 FR 19891). This volume stated the acceptance of the flexible enclosure system. ATECO’s AK-Guard Gauge Pole Socks are at the forefront of this technology. Also refer to supplemental information here: Slotted Guidepoles at Certain Petroleum and Organic Liquid Storage Vessels (Federal Register volume 65 number 202).

ATECO’s Gauge Pole Socks are designed, tested and manufactured using ATECO seal materials. The Gauge Pole Sock / Guide pole socks creat a casing around the exterior of the gauge pole/guidepole and includes a nylon zipper for installation while the tank remains in-service.

ATECO Gauge Pole Socks are the solution for product loss and environmental compliance.

Key Benefits

  • Effectively prevent vapors from escaping through slots in the Gauge Pole.
  • Meet or exceeds environmental regulation requirements.
  • Custom designed to ensure effective operation for specific tank conditions.
  • Ease of Installation.
  • ATECO’s Gauge Pole Socks can be installed while tank is in-service.
  • Excellent chemical resistance and UV protection.
  • Simplest, most inexpensive solution.
  • Significantly reduces product emissions (see reverse).
  • Meets or exceeds enviromental regulations.
  • Suitable for Internal and External Floating Roof Tanks.
  • Installs while tank remains in-service.
  • Allows gauging and sampling equipment to operate.
  • Excellent chemical resistance and UV protection.
  • Collapsible design provides flexibility.
  • Includes zipper for easy installation.
  • Custom engineered to ensure effective operation.

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